PRAXIS Psychology, Training & Consulting Group

Praxis Psychology, Counselling & Training Group was founded with the vision to provide individuals with the opportunity to equip themselves with a deep sensing of resourcefulness leading too creative ways of exploring and resolving their personal challenges while evolving one’s wellbeing.

Our Philosophy

This is the Art and Science of Transitional States. To  provide you with integrative ways of generating your Trans-Liminal States (TLS) transcontextually.

Our Praxis to communicate with Integrity, to provide the opportunity openly process a skill, or skills enacted, embodied…we take the perception and approach that all activities are engaged in by free people…through the Theoria (thinking) Poiesis (making) and Praxis (doing).

A eye for  curiosity towards self-exploration, providing multiple descriptions, allowing too  place your perception ensuring you achieve your personal flexibility across context.

Utilization is a core process at Praxis Psychology, here our Bespoke approach evolves through the improvisation of experiential sense making of our environment (ecology).


Experiences are transformational, a life changes every moment…choose the moment now to change.

Our services

Warm Data Lab

"Warm Data" can be descibed as Transcontextual Informatiion about the interrelationships that integrate complex systems.

TransLiminal States (TLS)

Education & Training

Learning strategies

Systemic Transitional Eye Modulation (STEM)

A Innovative approach, utilizing Neuroplasticity: Re-Coding Traumatic Experiences.

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