Trauma Treatment

The development of Systemic Transitional Eye Modulation (STEM) which is accompanied by the introductory EMDR training Introductory Training for PTSD) was developed to shift the research into a sphere raising awareness by PTSD/Traumatic Life Experiences.


STEM is based on processing of traumatic events, overwhelming emotions, associative, symbolic, dissociative processes. interfere with experiential processing.


This leads to the experience being disconnected from existing systemic memory networks. In STEM the person explores Psychosomatic, Sensorimotor, Visual Rescripting, interventions including cohesive interweaving imaginal platforming and standard in vivo exposure.



STEM is a interactive approach, engaging, self -exploratory an opportunity resolving challenges.

“What is Transitional States-Body Consciousness’”

Transitional States means the creative emergence of some unknown resource, professional or personally from life.

The core process is your observation of “state” whether that be a person or a group dynamic difference; on point, the essence is state which produces creative outcomes.


Through “State” a transitional modulation occurs, shifting a sensing experiences through activating through what is termed as neuroplasticity.



Neuroplasticity, is the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. Neuroplasticity allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment.

Multi-Sensory Modulation (MSM)

Multi-Sensory Modulation (MSM) is concerned with the epistemology of how experiences are organised, formed, what is influences them, what occurs during these states of experience, (i.e. Psychological, Physiological and Biological dynamics). Through this, MSM provides a praxis approach, fostering healthier internal states, resolving conflict and being able to better position oneself by the means of enhancing choice in a systemic manner.


What you will learn, explore and generate is:

For your personal self:

  • Resolve matters that seem to be deep
  • How to involve your creative self
  • How to link creativity, energy and health
  • A deeper self-awareness
  • Creating space: Inner Space/Outer Space
  • Tapping into your intuitions and knowledge
  • Increased self-awareness concerning unhelpful habits into resourceful behaviours
  • Learn how to make effective changes to optimise performance
  • Utilise your emotions for results

Learn to fluidly form your vision, mission, unconsciously How to;

  • Orientate for achievement by working in the environment effectively
  • Shift unhelpful states to resourceful states.
  • Understand the varying levels of awareness
  • Integrate your Inner Intelligence’s (mind, body and higher self)
  • Frame for outcomes.
  • Learn to develop learning formats (STEM Protocols)
  • Language Precision
  • Building supportive landscapes (Iconic)

High Performance Coaching (Sports)

OUR aim is to help you become Exceptionally Effective in enhancing your personal performance by providing you with the highest level of skills training concerning peak performance.